Do you need a trusted Hemp/CBD or Cannabis Consultant?

Hire Bloomberg Edelson, LLC. 

As in any hot growing market, there is a tremendous amount of competition attempting to secure market share. Our job is to help guide you and your business around the risks on your way to the reward.  

Navigating  legislation, regulations, genetics, harvesting and processing options can be overwhelming and expensive, especially when preventable mistakes or uniformed decisions are made

This is where Bloomberg Edelsoon, LLC comes in --  advising farmers and investors\

Our role is to help you determine your immediate business needs, preventing costly missteps. 

We are not only able to recognize trends but to also create them. 

Bloomberg Edelson, LLC is a boutique marketing & consulting firm located in the Seattle Metro Area. Members of our firm have lived, breathed and thrived in the Cannabis/Hemp/CBD marketplace for 15 years. The team has been hand selected including various industry influencers, recognized experts and advisors from the cannabis industry.

As an innovative  firm, we are consistently at the forefront of the industry.

Bloomberg Edelson, LLC, encourages new startups and OTC traded corporations positioned in growing industries to contact us. Options include equity participations and other creative options to fund campaigns.

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Working Directly & Seamlessly.


Direct Access To Our Principal Partners

Our firm consists of


Working Directly & Seamlessly. 

Over the past 13 years we have developed personal connections with our clients and partners. 

We believe in only working with a hand selected client list.

Previous and ongoing clients have enjoyed our services across varying aspects of industry, to include small businesses, large firms, federal government entities, departments of state to civic governments, non-profit agencies and educational institutions. 


Our Analytical Approach

Our service includes an analytics and metrics based comprehensive social purpose strategy to help identify area of opportunities. Our bespoke plans are like a fine suit, hand crafted and individually tailored to fit your company needs in an ever evolving world filled with opportunity.